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                Our ' Service Trust ' is a worthy one . ' Service Trust ' is a newly organised Trust  . ' Service Trust ' has been registered . Your services to us will help  all . 

           ‘  Service Trust ‘ is a  Non - Profit  Organization dedicated to making giving , helping and volunteering a natural part of everyday life . Our web-based service connects donors , volunteers and needy people . We value both our donors and needy people . We have the service that promotes both helping and giving .

          ‘ Service Trust ‘ is a Non - Government Organization ( NGO )  . We are committed to maximizing a donor's incentive to get involved and directly channel resources to where they are needed most . 100% of all donations given through the site go directly to the project of choice relating to Health ,  God , Charity , Education distinguish us from other  services .

          ‘ Service Trust ‘ has expertise regarding how to handle the project .   ‘ Service Trust ‘ has knowledge regarding how to tackle the challenges facing the project .

          Our goal is to connect you with the charities in the most convenient, safe manner which you are thinking about .

  • We have donor information privately .
  • As our credit card or Debit card processing company is reliable .
  • All donations made through Service Trust are tax - deductible .
  • We are committed to providing the best service possible and always welcome feedback , questions ( queries ) , and views .


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